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about Projectile whimsy


I'm Laura (they/she) and this is my monster! Like Frankenstein, but like, cute and silly.

I started Projectile Whimsy as an outlet for some weirdo creativity and tacky maximalism, and it eventually evolved into this little shop! I love art and color and pattern and memes and dated pop culture references and queerness and radical lefty stuff and neurodivergence and dad jokes and all sorts of critters. My big girl job is copywriting with my bestie at Girl.Copy and I am neck-deep in community involvement in Goleta, CA, where I have crafted a cozily chaotic home with my husband (who you probably know from Twitter). When I'm not doodling in Procreate or painting murals, you can likely find me wrangling:

a) One or more of my four children

b) One or more of my three cats

c) One or more disgruntled opossums

d) A sleeve of cookies out of the box

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